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Welcome to the Rite Leg Company.

The Rite Leg Company brings craftsmanship to a new level. Our legs are engineered to be durable, sturdy and easy to use while being crafted to be stylish enough for your home or office.

Do you have wood with a unique look or interesting character? Maybe a wooden slab from a sentimental or storm damaged tree? Are you looking to create a special piece of furniture? Do you have a sawmill and want to offer value added products? Then put your tops on our bottoms!

The Rite Leg Company designs and fabricates metal bottoms or legs for your custom tops. We do what we do best - steel design and fabrication. And you can do what you do best: Cover up our bottoms with your wooden slabs, reclaimed beams and lumber, live edge timbers or even granite and marble tops.

Need inspiration or looking for ideas, then check out our Portfolio page.

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